Organizational List

The following organizations were listed in “The Party.”

SoUthern Poverty Law Center

“The Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice”

Irish Republican Socialist Party

Catholic Worker movement:

American Indian Movement:

American Indian rights:

Info on the ACLU:

Communist Party USA:

The Industrial Workers of the World:
The Woody Guthrie Foundation can be found at:

The Woody Gutherie Folk Festival:

Heather Heyer Foundation to civil rights and to help provide scholarships for social justice:

The Democratic Socialist of America (DSA):

The Annual Cork (Ireland) Mother Jones Festival:

The Industrial Workers of the World:

Mother Jones magazine:

The Frieda Kahlo website:

Frieda Kahlo Museum:

American Civil Liberties Union:

The Socialist Party USA:

Helen Keller International organization:

the King Center:

Lucy Parsons Center:

“The Rosenberg Fund for Children” WWW.RFC.Org

Sacco and Vanzetti Commemoration Society:

Bobby Sands Trust:

Sinn Fein:

The Tubman Museum:
Palestinian solidarity:

Jewish Voice for Peace:


Chomsky website:

Carl Jung Insitute