Pandemic Poetry


October 2020

Pandemic Poems

  1. Someone Should Do Something
  1. Were You Crazy?
  1. Chump Trump
  1. No Limbo, (for Heather)
  1. Psyche Tense, the Vice-President
  1. Not Germany! (It can’t happen here)
  1. Drones: Obama Nostalgia
  1. Help Yourself (The Lord says)
  1. Hate Incorporated
  1. Burning Candor
  1. A Paine in the Ass of America

12. A Pissy Chump So Far

13. Taking Flight with Bill O’Rights

14. Illegals

15.  A Drinking Song for May Day 

16.  We Can’t Breathe!

17.  Song Of Hell

18.  Isn’t He Rich?  

19.  Gringolandia

20.  Grand Ol’ Party

21.  Mamacita

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

— Pablo Picasso



Gather round, please people, gather round!

We are here, friends, to make some sounds. 

Here is what we firmly state:

the only thing we hate: IS HATE!

If we are lucky, we might make you think, 

but it may go fast (so please don’t blink). 

And here is now my very first task,

Here is the question that I must ask:

Do you find it at all quite appalling —

To live to see an empire so clearly falling? 

Hark now, is a song now ready?

Hold fast friends, and do be steady.

I know the news is fake, 

and my hands still shake,

For as Jimmy Joyce  did once state:

“History’s a nightmare,  from which to awake.”

 1.  Someone Should Do Something!

Someone should get here and do something

Someone who rides an Angels wing

Someone who knows what’s a yang or a yin

Someone somewhere should do something.

Someone must see clearly the downswing

Someone who won’t blame the left wing

Someone who’s neither puppet or plaything

Someone, somehow, should do something.

Someone should clothe our Empire King

Someone should make all the bells ring 

Sometimes it’s all somewhat numbing

Someone should come and do something.

Someone should know something of plumbing

Someone should learn to go hunting

Someone should stop always bumming

Someone who knows should do something.

Someone may engage in some punching 

Someone needs a good thumping 

Someone should practice head bumping 

Someone should go and do something.

Someone is left broken and slumping

Someone is left behind grunting 

Someone should hardly be judging

Someone should try to do something.

Someone should find us a well spring

Someone should watch out for Beijing

Someone is lead by a nose-ring

Someone out there must do something.

Someone should do some damn thing

Someone needs to get a handle on this thing

Someone must have something to bring

Someone should go and do something.

Someone is always becoming  

Someone is needed for fronting 

Someone should lift their voices and sing

Can’t somebody, somewhere, do something?

2. Were You Crazy?

Crazy? Were you crazy in voting so badly?
Were you lazy, or just a usable tool? (YOU FOOL!) 

Was it too hazy in your own mind to see it?
He’s a bigot, and a misogynist too. (HOW ABOUT YOU?) 

Angry? Yes, I am goddamn angry!

And now I’m wondering, what did you think he would do? (BE COOL?)

You knew: he’d use you just as long as he wanted, 

And he’d screw you, as he was fooling you too. (WHAT’S NEW?)

Buddy, didn’t you know he’d be cruddy? 

— unfit, except for misrule.  


Sleazy? He struts like Mussolini! 

Freaky! Now are you proud of your race? (A DISGRACE!) 

Bankruptcy. those he can handle quite ably. 

But his taxes, those he won’t show them to you. (BOO-HOO)

Grabbing pussy, that he can always engage in
If you were rich, you could do all of that too.. (DO YOU WANT TO?) 

All the lying — is it somehow satisfying?
You must love to absorb all of the fake news. 


Well you’re crazy for buying the obvious lying 

you’re a crazy, nazi-loving fool! 


3.  Chump

Whether we are to rise or are to fall,
We will do our best to please you all.

Don’t be put off by this act
Or the pointing of fingers, or the stating of facts. 

Let’s now open the door and let him in
Not to a loser, but to he who wins.

And believe it or not in what we say
He comes Dumpy Chump, so clear the way!  

“Dumpy Chump is my name
All that I do is win— again and again! 

You can search the world all around 

You’ll find nowhere a greater clown! 

I started out poor, with only millions
But with the right branding I now have kah-zillions! 

On 5th Avenue anyone I can shoot
And no one dares to me rebuke!

When you’re rich and famous, the world is your oyster 

And I am the greatest of all of the shysters.
You’re welcome here from far away—
If your DNA starts in Norway! 

Tax cuts I give are for the filthy rich

The rest just love my great sales pitch 

The working poor are always punks 

When dealing with me, Humpty Dumpty Chump 

On healthcare, you have no rights,

That I let you live should enough suffice.
Remember the KKK and the Nazis too
Have some good people, just like you!”

You can search the world all around.

You’ll find nowhere a greater clown. 

4.  No Limbo(Viva Antifa!)

We won’t sit around in limbo 

Waiting for it all to fall.

We won’t act like worthless bimbos 

And allow that chump to build his walls.

Does a poor girl have to die 

Before we all get appalled? 

Her name is Heather Heyer 

We didn’t know her — but now we do.

She was an anti-fascist fighter 

And she was nobody’s fool. 

And when we’re finished with our prayers 

We’ll have lots of work to do.

Yeah, we know where nazis come from 

And we know how far they’ll go.

Please let them have their marches 

And let their faces show…

To this psycho little fringe
We stand strong and we say NO! 

We’re not sitting ‘round in limbo
Light your torches and soon you’ll know!

You can strut with nazi symbols
We’ll reap much more than you can sow.

Yeah, we’re building our resistance 

’Til you slither back in your hole. 

Her name is Heather Heyer

I just thought you should know…

5. Psyche Tense (V-P of Christian Fascism)

I won the very best booby prize!  Now to lay in wait and pretend I’m wise. 

And when our clown leaves or dies — my destiny will be to fly! 

A crutch we’ll give for each lame duck 

But to the peons we give not a fuck.

We learned our lessons from Vietnam —

When in doubt: drop lots more bombs.

We may be nuts, but we’re not insane:

We won’t let the wretched rise again.

Yes!  We will be great again!

And only us winners will fully reign! 

It’s where I’ve always clearly stood: 

Let’s sacrifice someone else’s blood! 

Our button is much bigger than theirs,

And so, I say, are His hands. 

Scapegoating can be so much fun 

When you have all the biggest guns. 

And women (like men) we know them well—
They’ll let you do anything when you’re rich as hell. 

   Where have we heard this all before? 

   When have we not loved a war? 

    Remember when only foreigners were the “bugaboo?” 

Care for a dose of déjà vu?

6. Not Germany!  [“Dorogoi dlinnoyu”]

He de-escalates from above to save us mortals,
He promises us such greatness which we will never see.
He said he’d help us all, and keep the working class enthralled, 

and I’m not talking Germany in ’33! 

These are the days my friends, 

Will they fucking ever end? 

Our leader clown thinks he wears a crown. 

Let’s ban the Mexicans and then the muslims — and hey! 

watch out with them gays! 

He had all the gangsters and the banksters, 

Yes, a funny haircut, which he wears so proudly. 

He had the Christian right, and them that’s most uptight, 

And I’m still not talking Germany ’33! 

Are we all dazed my friends?  Will our country ever mend? 

I’ll tell you now, there still may be a way: 

To preserve our rights, we can stand and fight,

They learn nothing unless you make them pay!

How silly, our own brand of democracy: 

When leaders are selected without a majority! 

And any power they have missed, they’ll just “gerrymander” this, 

and no — that’s no word from Germany 33!  (Believe me.) 

The republic we’ll defend and do what we can 

to protect our rights to life and liberty

We’re not worthless chumps, with a united front: 

Make sure this ain’t Germany in 1933! 

There are ways my friends to make this madness end,
United, we can stop them here today 

Because now in the end, it’s really us or them, 

Don’t hide away, let’s go out and really make them pay!

  (Don’t slink away — make everyday Mayday!) 

7. Drones 

Now the drones come from where they’re hiding 

They glide down from the sky 

And they rain hell on all those below them 

Until it blows back and then we wonder why. 

It’s a long way to Tipperary
It was a bad trip through Tripoli 

Body bags arrive from Bagdad 

There’s fools’ gold in old Kabul. 

Families, yes we kill them 

Efficiently, remote assault
Rarely, do we know about it
But technically, we’re still at fault. 

It’s a good foil, to blame Bush or Obama 

But Chump is just the current fool. 

Its a hard time, for the first golden lesson: 

“Those with gold, they make the rules.” 

Well, might makes right, or so they teach us 

And Jesus is America’s tool 

Their fists are covered in velvet —
Don’t be surprised now if they pound on you too. 

It’s a long way to Tipperary
It was a bad trip through Tripoli 

Body bags arrive from Bagdad 

There’s fools’ gold in old Kabul…

8. Help Yourself

God helps those who help themselves 

One for all, and all for myself!
I wear my courage on my sleeve
And with that, I’ll take my leave.
For sure as flies go fly to crap
I’ll return later to pick the scraps.

And to each and every fool (who?)

Excuse my French as I say adieu (f-you!). 

Fear not, my privileged few
I have a weapon to use for you —
It’s an old slogan brought back of late 

And is as good as any bait:

“We will not be replaced by Jews”
And with that we can never lose!

Fuck shit-hole nations and their shit-hole folk.
I wish their children would shit ’til they croak. 

How fear is stoked, I will not quibble
Hit them hard and don’t be civil. 

Scapegoating is so much fun
When you control the biggest guns. 

Deport the children to a place unknown 

Make our cities like a combat zone.
Make our cops into soldiers for extra clout.

If anyone complains, just I.C.E. them out.

That should produce sufficient fear
Go deport those “Darkies” out of here!

Hear Here:  Fear Fear!

Do the cops have adequate gear?

9. Hate, Incorporated [based on book by Matt Taibbi]

I made a cup of coffee as the morning sun rose up

I switched on the TV news, then felt like throwing up

Everyone was screaming, yet no one was persuaded             

It seems like we’ve all signed on to Hatred, Incorporated.

When things get really wrong, some say just “be strong!”      

The others, to belong, you must agree the rest are wrong.          

When it gets translated it means we’re all frustrated

It’s all been clearly created, by Hatred, Incorporated.

Forget about the lessons we should have learned from Vietnam

and we can win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 

We patriots are elated, you traitors are agitated          

Those who profit from the war are in Hatred, Incorporated.

Our Army’s in eight nations with military operations

The U.S. flag is unfurled in three-quarters of the world

It’s always understated how the I.M.F. operated

White Crime is not illustrated at Hatred, Incorporated

Don’t look at child labor or corporate tax evasions

Or human rights atrocities by us or client nations

Don’t talk of debt slavery and how it was so fated        

Such coverage is not stated at Hatred, Incorporated.

We’re clearing the globe to get some cheap hamburger

Don’t ask about the World Bank or the latest corporate merger                  

Seven hundred billion the military is allocated

If we keep uneducated, it helps Hatred, Incorporated.

They manufacture fake dissent, who cares if it’s untrue

The news is written just for you to support your point of view

It’s demeaning and it’s jaded, it’s pointless and fabricated             

Commercial breaks contaminate, paid by Hatred, Incorporated.

Who profits from the sweatshops of our neighbors to the south

It seems like the only truth you hear is by the word of mouth

That shiny beacon on the hill is all but now vacated

Evicted and dilapidated by Hatred, Incorporated.

Well NAFTA will be good for us, that’s what the rich men said

Agreed were all the talking heads, just please ignore the dead.

Now an Orange Bigot is in charge and it’s clearly celebrated            

Showmanship, not substance, from Hatred, Incorporated.

Our wages are all stagnant, the cost of drugs still soars

The finest and the brightest are sent off to endless wars

Our divisions are inflated and civility outdated

It’s all carefully calibrated by Hatred, Incorporated.

Like a giant vampire squid, wrapped around mankind’s face

The bankers jam their blood lust into the marketplace

There is no solution they can see, Marx is so outdated         

When you’re schooled and educated by Hatred, Incorporated. 

There is so much that we lose when we attach to only things

Instead of trying to communicate with other human beings

 Yes we’re all so worked up now, and super opinionated

 But no one gets illuminated by Hatred, Incorporated.

           10  Burning Candors

           Behold I say to those now here
An Aberration has now appeared;

An Old Wise One of the North-east

Is speaking up for those with least.

And emerging from behind the door 

And approaching on this very floor 

May be one we are waiting for
Senator: Burning Candors!

           And if you don’t believe what I say 

          Here is Candors — so make way!

“The 1% cannot kill us all!
There is no good reason to build a wall!

It’s as clear as day and night!

Health care is a human right!

There is no debate within the nation,

Of the need we have for free education!

Not just for the rich and the privileged few—

But for the likes of me and you!

I’m too old to lead this nation? 

Better than the current abomination!”

11.  A Paine In The Ass (of America) 

Our only temple is the land, it’s spirit is its essence, and
those who worked to make it whole deserve our deeded reverence. 

This world’s the only home we own, and not some goddam rental —

Now look alive, it’s time to drive the money changers from the temple. 

Our land’s greatest leader was one who was quite lawless.

He fought for our republic and for slavery to be abolished.

His name was Thomas Paine & in revolt he was quite able —

He tried his best to rid us of these grifters at our table. 

Paine’s country was the world, his religion “to do good.” 

The rights of man & reason: that’s where he firmly stood. 

I say this to you now, not being temper-mental —

I think it’s time to once again kick con men from the temple.  

They hunt down Freedom round the world.”  That we must admit. 

“Reason may obey itself, but the ignorant just submit.”

To help secure our Bill of Rights, the solution is quite simple 

Let’s expel the banksters — would not that be monumental? 

All that truth simply asks is for liberty to appear”
But to exist we must first resist the “slavery of fear.”

You know it’s right to join the fight & I know that you are able 

For Goldman-Saks and their Wall Street hacks, let’s not be too sentimental.

“The sun needs no inscription to distinguish from the dark”

Tom Paine’s old bones must turn tonight under Freedom’s Park. 

Enough is said, let’s put it to bed, as I stop this ramble: 

Just one thing I want to sing: drive all grifters from the table! 

12.  A Pissy Chump So Far

I was thinking over that election that was auctioned

And how our dear Republic is beaten and ass bludgeoned.

Our leader is a numskull who thinks Mexicans are rapists

I’m sure he thinks the Irish are just Paddies and all Papists!  

It’s dumb and it’s so bizarre — So creepy and so cruel 

We elected a fucking fool  — He’s been a pissy Chump so far.

He dearly loves the money and women (if they’re pretty)

And for gangsters and dictators, with them he is quite chummy

He said he’d build a wall and make others pay up briskly

Will we invade again? Because Mexico won’t pay easy!

Is the wall to keep them out? Or is it to keep us in?

Or a scheme to profit in?  (Like his every deal so far).

He’s addicted to use the twitter, which helps release his anger.

He cares not for the law, and all he knows is rancor.

He won’t show his taxes, but we know that he’s a huckster.

He can’t hide his nature made of bullshit and of bluster.

The slums are the same so far, but it’s cool in private school —

The rest take it up the vestibule (!), while the rich eat caviar.

He calls for deportation of the lawful working migrant.

He declares the 2nd amendment can wipe out his opponents.

He struts like Mussolini  an American abomination,

But we have some weapons too and we’ll defend our nation.

He thinks he’s a Russian czar, 

he’s proud of his misrule

Just as welcome as an orange stool, 

 he’s built a bigger swamp so far.  

Let’s unite for the fight, 

use the freedom of our conscience.

Our side is for reason and the use of science.

Then fight this orange bigot 

with whatever tool is handy—

‘Cause this joke isn’t funny, 

and this ain’t just HIS country.

it’s dumb and it’s so bizarre, 

so creepy and so cruel 

We elected a daffy fool, 

he’s been a pissy zunt so far!

13. Bill O’ Rights

We too have a weapon we can use against the Don and all the fools:
It served us well when needed most, we need it now from coast to coast.

The Bill of Rights is where we stand.  We ain’t beggin’— we demand!   

Amendment One is so much fun: 

It let’s us speak about anyone. 

And to say to any fool: Go fuck yourself, yes please do.
We will not be used as tools — not by you or your ghouls. 

The Second Amendment you have claimed
You direct at your opponents to kill and maim.

But remember, John Brown was never tamed —

And two sides can play that game!

The Third one just simply touts:

Soldiers cannot come and take your house.
(For they are in for one big hassle
When messin’ with someone’s castle). 

The Fourth says that any search of me or you 

demands they have good cause to use. 

(Though ignored by those in power
When they claim they are a superpower).  

The Fifth says you can’t compel 

to make me have to tell
Anything against my interest—

(This one, frankly, seems the simplest). 

So when it all seems in doubt 

Just learn how to shut your mouth. 

Number six has stated this:
A speedy trial is not to be missed. 

(Do you know if they carry espresso 

In the chambers of Guantanamo?) 

Number seven I could just kiss. 

I get a jury trial, if I wish. 

Number eight says, if it’s paid,

Excessive bail shall not be made. 

Number nine is just fine
(It defends your rights and even mine). 

Number 10 is our friend 

People’s power ’til the end! 

And there are ten reasons — No Bullshit and No Bluster 

Why our government shall not have the right to fuck ya! 

14.  Illegals

How many shall we deport?

Can we do it like a sport?

Will those with the right pedigree 

Deport those they hate to see?

And who are these neighbors we shall force to leave?

Such a nightmare, who can conceive?

Maybe we can play along

By hearing it in a song…

Themselves they brought up to the north, it took ‘em quite a while 

The road was hot & dangerous and they walked it all those miles 

Through cactus thorns & coyote scorn, past whitened bones & skulls 

And all we ever call them now is just “illegal.” 

They love to see their family, more because they’re poor 

They dream of days to celebrate as many times before…

Family, friends together again, so serene and so peaceful
But they’re strangers in a strange land and we call them “Illegal.”

They’ll strive to feed their families, like you or I would do 

Hard work they’ll never shirk (in that, there’s nothing new) 

But how they are now treated just is inexcusable 

Their very existence is defined as simply “illegal.” 

Words are words and nothing more some will simply state 

But words can shape how we feel in friendship or with hate,

And life is life & it’s not right though so politically powerful 

To say the someone’s very life should be labeled “illegal.” 

Some now pray they’ll come a day in the brotherhood of man

In sisterhood, or humanhood, when we all will take a stand 

When it’s not considered normal or even plausible 

To label another human life as merely “illegal.”  

15.  A Drinking Song

“It’s May Day, comrade!” he say’s with a wink

A new day tovarich, and time for a drink!

It’s play time already—so tell me what gives

There’s only one life to live!

Let’s drink to the summer and the empire’s fall

Let’s drink til there’s nothin’ to drink at all.

Let’s drink for the lonely, let’s drink to forgive

There’s only one life to live!

Let’s drink to the future of the human race

Let’s drink for surviving all the heartaches we face

Let’s drink to Jesus and his best friend Biff

There’s only one life to live!

Let’s drink to the past and being alive

Let’s drink to the drinkers and their favorite dives.

Drink it down, brother, like a leaking sieve

There’s only one life to live!

The sun is a-risin’ ya son of a gun  

there’s only one life to live!

There’s no point in crying & lyin’ about dying 

there’s only one life to live!

Let’s drink ’til we stumble onto the ground

Let’s drink ’til the stars all swirl around

Let’s drink ’til our welcome has been long outlived

There’s only one life to live!

Let’s drink to the drinkers 

who are thirsty this morn

Let’s drink to our friends who others 

would scorn

Let’s drink ’til that bottle’s 

got nothing to give

There’s only one life to live!

Let’s drink ’til we’ve all drunk ourselves straight

Let’s drink ’til we rid ourselves of all the hate

Let’s drink to the new day, brother — and here is what gives:

There is only one life to live!

The sun is a-risin’ ya son of a gun   

there’s only one life to live! 

There’s no point in crying & lyin’ about dying 

there’s only one life to live!  Yeeeaaah!

16.  Breathe on George Floyd, Jr. (10/14/73 — 5/25/20)

Take your knee off of his neck

Lift him up now from the street.                                   

We don’t need another death                                            

   Can’t you see that he can’t breathe?

300 years is long to wait,                                             

Ain’t no good harvest with bad seed,                                     

It’s as clear as love and hate —                                     

Everyone has got to breathe.

It might be your daughter or your son,   

Your mom or daddy, can’t you see?

It could be your only one   

Who they won’t allow to breathe.

Teach your children of this land,   

Warn them as calmly as you please,

the cops must always see your hands 

& maybe then they’ll let you breathe.

There’s no good health care we can get  

while this system’s run by thieves.

Bankers couldn’t give a shit    

If you never fucking breathe.

’Cause they make money from their jails    

They make profits as we grieve,

And you know if all else fails  

They’ll charge us for the air we breathe.

But there’s a rising storm today  

Let’s hope it gets us what we need,

I can hear the millions say:  

We demand the right to breathe!

Let’s keep it up, let’s keep it real  

and fight ’til everyone is free,

Only then we’ll start to heal   

When everyone can freely breathe.

So Take your knee off of our neck.   

We’re rising up now from the street.

We can’t allow another death:    

Can’t you see that we can’t breathe?

17.  Song of Hell  (no Courtin’ in the  Kitchen)

I sing a song of hell — if that will get attention

To those who sit above whose name I shall not mention!

Yes once there was a king (of orangey complexion)

Some strive for higher ground — he goes the other direction.

   I say oh he likes to lie, just like his racist daddy

   We must have all been high to elect someone so batty!

Well he’s crooked as can be, just like his dad before him

With mobsters he agrees, the world was made just for him.

With oligarchs and whores to them he has appeal

We know what’s now in store, ’tis his “fart of the deal.”

   Oh he is so damn sly, to sheepish lads and lassies

    No need to ask him “why?” when you’re such a patsy.

Let’s hope that when it ends, it’s sooner than it’s later

We’ll rid ourselves right then of this lunatic and hater.

Let’s make our country great, and kick him in the rump

I think it’s not too late to dump this stupid chump.

     Well now I say goodbye, and hope none are offended—

     But I’ll dance and praise the sky when his goddamned reign has ended.

Oh do ya do ya die, see all the crying fascists

Oh when we say goodbye — won’t that be so precious???!!!

18.  Isn’t He Rich?

Isn’t he rich?  He’s got a pair!

Liberty now underground — he’s way up there!

 We love our clown.

Ain’t it a bitch?  Enough voters approved…

He keeps tearing our country apart, 

we were so easily wooed.

Now simmer down.  

And make’m a crown.

I thought we would stop voting for whores,        

Frightfully knowing we’re haunted —

by that choice of yours. 

We’re entranced once again 

by his usual flair, 

unsure of his lines,  

because no one is there,

There’s nothing upstairs.

It’s above farce.  

An exaltation of fear.

Did you think he would want what you want?

Better watch you’re own rear!

Think Charlottetown.  

You wanted this clown.

Now he is here.

Isn’t he rich?  

(Don’t call him a queer)

Are we losing our mind, 

taking the bait, 

 with all of his smears? 

He’s dragging us down.  

This orange clown.  

What a great year.

19.  Gringolandia

Quislings on Wall Street, raising the earth’s heat

We like to profit from all of your toil.   

Gunning for new things, fronting for oil kings

We are the whores who now rule the world.

Pasty faces again in Gringolandia!              

Looking for one last Quaker to assault.

My people say it’s the poor we should blame, 

What a joke, when we own the vaults!  

Here is the reason why war is so pleasin’: 

To us it’s a show (that others go to).

We’ll proclaim it’s your duty to bring us the booty 

We’ll steal from Muslims, Christians or Jews.

Tasty choices again in Gringlolandia!

Looking for another faker to exalt.

It’s always the same game in election campaigns:

We got the dough, so we own the votes.

The TV is our prop, we got cops that won’t stop.  

Here is the deal: we own your home!

So go on a bender, get a public defender, 

We’ll sell any vice to get you hooked on.

Pasty faces again in Gringolandia! 

Looking for one last Quaker to assault.

My people say it’s the poor we should blame,

What a joke — when we own the vaults!  

20.  Grand Ol’ Party

There is a Grand Old Party that swallowed a Big Lie,

I don’t know why it swallowed the lie, perhaps it will die. 

There was an Old Party that promotes a divider

That wriggled and jiggled and pickled inside ‘er,

They pushed the divider to promote a Big Lie

I don’t know why it swallowed the lie, perhaps it will die.

There was an Old Party that remains undeterred

How absurd are their words we have heard!

They stay undeterred to support a divider

Who wriggles and jiggles and pickles inside her,

They push the divider to promote the Big Lie

I don’t know why it swallowed the lie, perhaps it will die. 

There was an Old Party that went to bed with some rats

Just picture that, sleeping with the rats!

They sleep with the rats and remain undeterred 

They stay undeterred to support a divider 

Who wriggles and jiggles and pickles inside her,

They push the divider to promote the Big Lie

I don’t know why it swallows the lie, perhaps it will die.

There was an Old Party that fell in a bog

For a damn demagogue — who thinks he is god!

They fell in the bog to sleep with the rats

They sleep the rats and remain undeterred

They stay undeterred to push a divider

Who wriggles and jiggles and pickles inside her,

They push the divider to promote the Big Lie

I don’t know why it swallows the lie, perhaps it will die.

There was an Old Party that looked for scapegoats

To retain power they would slit all our throats!

To target scapegoats is their demagogue

For this damn demagogue, who thinks he is god

They fell in the bog and sleep with the rats

They now sleep with the rats and remain undeterred

They stay undeterred to push their divider

Who wriggles and jiggles and pickles inside her,

They push the divider to promote the Big Lie

I don’t know why it swallows the lie, perhaps it will die.

There was an Old Party that’s here and now

Do you know how they survived up ’til now?

They thrived up ’til now by using scapegoats

To retain power they’d slit all our own throats

To target scapegoats from their demagogue

For this damn demagogue they fell in a bog,

They fell in a bog and now sleep with the rats,

They sleep the rats and remain undeterred

They stay undeterred to push their divider

Who wriggles and jiggles and pickles inside her.

They push the divider to promote the Big Lie 

I still don’t know why

 their Party swallows that lie, 

perhaps it will die.

There is an Old Party who lost all moral force

What should we do?  Vote them out, of  course!   


There’s demagoguery on the radio, that keeps us in the dark

Our soldiers are used like cannon fodder and we’re ruled by Oligarchs.

Amnesia is our anesthesia, when the empire’s crumbling down,

And I’ve run out of bad synonyms for those comic clowns downtown.    

We spy on friends and enemies, kidnap and torture without arrest,

Then act shocked when there’s blowback or that there’s profit in unrest.

Don’t spawn leaders you non-believers 

or we’ll drone you to Neverland.                                                     

’Cause the cops are driving tanks around, 

from here to the borderland.

      They’ve pawned your children’s future, then foreclosed on your house, 

but the banksters will sleep well tonight, of that there is no doubt.

Diarrhea of the mouth, constipation of the brain:

Vote the same way at election-time, expect a change, 

now that’s insane!

Well I see that I have bummed you out 

with my negative attitude.

My thoughts are nearly now reserved, 

my words will be subdued.

So let’s have pizza’s!  And margaritas!  

It can still be all ok,

I’m just messed up on all the “ism’s”  

and I’ve ruined our holiday.

 No te agüites, mamacita! 

Now I’ll stop this horrid rap —

If you will get me one more drink, though I know I’m such a sap!

   (Please, just get me one more drink and then I’ll take my nap!) 

“The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and the evils of racism.”

— Martin Luther King


Pandemic Poems © copyright: Scott D. Egan, Tucson, Arizona


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